Thrill on the Hill Returns to Buchanan

Thrill on the Hill Returns to Buchanan!  
If you haven’t heard of Buchanan’s annual summer event “Thrill on the Hill,” it might be something you’ll need to see to truly believe. This event has a cult following as it is one of the only events of its kind– and it’s happening right here in small town southwest Michigan. 
Every year the city of Buchanan transforms the hill on Front St into a 500 ft long water slide. After over ten years of perfecting slide technology, no one does it like Buchanan! You won’t find a better or bigger waterslide anywhere in Southwest Michigan. You’ll see adults, teens, and kids race down the hill on inflatable flamingos, air mattresses, and anything that floats!
 “It’s like a block party on steroids,” says Ashley Regal, Thrill on the Hill’s event manager. Families bring pop-ups and claim a spot along the hill to watch friends and family race down the slide. A family event, there’s something to appeal to all ages. The “beach”- sand and lazy river at the end of the slide keep little ones entertained for hours while there’s a beer garden, two party band concerts, and an adult only night for the parents. Food trucks and local restaurants offer specials for the weekend and nearly everyone in town pitches in. Schools and nonprofits offer volunteers, local businesses provide sponsorships, the police and fire department provide safety and first aid— and you might even catch an officer or two joining in the fun as they glide down the hill. 
“This truly is a community event. None of this would be possible without the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers,” says event manager, Ashley Regal. “That is one of the most beautiful things about living in Buchanan. We truly are a city of neighbors that live, breathe, sleep, eat Buchanan. Our hearts and our souls are here, and this event proves that.”
Thrill on the Hill takes place July 14-16 in downtown Buchanan. The city is still looking for volunteers and accepting sponsorships. Learn more at