All ages needed for upcoming play
St. Joseph, MI – The Box Factory for the Arts is casting for the play “Shutting Down Christmas.” Auditions will be held Sunday, October 1, from 3 to 8pm. Callbacks will be October 14 and 15, 4 to 7pm.
Performances will run December 14–16 at 7pm and December 17 at 3pm at the Box Factory, 1101 Broad St.
The entertaining play, written by Berrien Artist Guild member Linda LaRocque, will be directed by Diana Densmore, a studio artist at the Box Factory.
ABOUT “Shutting Down Christmas”
What’s the point of Christmas if the holiday joy is burned out faster than a string of lights? Santa and the Christmas Spirit sadly agree it’s time to close up shop. They have had it with greedy kids and the non-appreciative scourges of the world. They are SHUTTING DOWN CHRISTMAS. That's right, it's done! That is, unless an elf, a waitress, and a down-on-their-luck family can remind Santa and the Christmas Spirit just how much they mean to the world.
Laurie*: (late 20s40s) An overworked, overtired, much-loved mother
Tommy*: (late 20s40s) Dad and starry-eyed dreamer overwhelmed with his new business
Grandma*: (50s+) Vibrant and full of life
Oldest Child: (818 yrs. old) To play character around age 11
Middle Child: (816) To play character around age 8
Youngest Child: (610) To play character around age 6
Christmas Spirit*: (18+) The ageless spirit of Christmas
Belle*: (18+) Waitress/waiter at North Pole diner, loves Christmas
Elf*: (18+) A disgruntled elf
Santa Claus: (30+) Classic Santa, though a bit worse for wear
All roles are open to any race or ethnicity.  
*Roles may be double cast.

Volunteers are needed for the crew, including:
Stage Manager
Casting Assistant
Production Designer/Scene Painter
Lead Man (works with Director and Production Designer on construction of set pieces)
Set Decorations/Props
Wardrobe Stylist
Lighting Design
Sound Engineer
For full details on Cast Auditions or Crew Assignments, contact Diana Densmore at or 269-743-9794.