BACC - Free Business Education Series in Buchanan!

The Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) is offering a new benefit for its members. After surveying BACC members on how the chamber could best serve them, many reported the need for continued education and support on relevant issues facing businesses and organizations today.
To meet this need, the chamber has arranged for local experts to speak on the topics challenging our businesses today. As requested by members, the mini series will explore topics of concern they have reported including: employees recruiting and hiring, pivoting a business model and managing supply chain concerns.
“It was important for us to look for local businesses and organizations that have found success in these challenge areas-- it's kind of a bonus that we ended up with rockstar presenters in these fields and a testament to the thriving business environment we're building in Southwest Michigan,” says Ashley Regal, Executive Director of the Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce. “By having locals gather and talk about these issues, we're not only hoping to educate, but also build a community of collaboration that helps the Buchanan Area continue to grow stronger and more competitive.”
The mini series begins Tuesday, August 2nd at 12:00 pm at Orchard Hills Country Club. Included free with membership is a free buffet lunch provided by Orchard Hills Country Club along with the workshop. This member benefit is also available to non-members for the cost of lunch.
You can learn more by visiting the Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce event's page. Be sure to register online to reserve your space.