Posted: 05/06/2024

Job Type
Full-time or Part-time

Position Summary:

  1. Reports to the Director of Compliance, the Health Coordinator provides client care consistent with Caring Connection policies, procedures and code of conduct.  
  2. The Health Coordinator is responsible for maintaining adequate control and accountability for medications as outlined in the medication policy. 
  3. The Health Coordinator is responsible for compiling and communicating monthly chart reviews or requirements per facility, updating Adult Day Services (ADS) care plans quarterly, and communicating with caregivers/families/ Care Managers and physicians regarding a client’s condition, as needed.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Serves as a co-chair of the Health & Safety Committee.
  2. Helps to organize and facilitate support groups, or community outreach
  3. Will conduct CPR, First Aid, medication and other trainings as needed.
  4. Other duties as assigned. 


Adult Day Services: (ADS)


  1. Assists with eligibility determination of new admission
  2. Assists with admission assessment of each client upon intake.
  3. Assist with the development of person-centered care planning 
  4. Assist with the nutrition program and understand requirements
  5. Assist with wellness screenings and assessments
  6. Coordinate services with the client’s physician as needed
  7. Will provide support and resources to clients and caregivers as needed.
  8. Participates with the Adult Day Services team in providing a safe and healthy environment for the client and staff
  9. Responsible for recording medical information and maintaining changes to client’s chart according to agency approved process. 
  10. Assist ADS team members with medical emergencies as needed; to ensure client safety.
  11. Assist with the development, and training of elements related to health, safety, and medical 

Care Management

  1. The nurse is responsible for compiling and communicating monthly nurse role expectations per facility, updating ADS care plans quarterly and communicating with caregivers/families/ Agency Care Managers and physicians, regarding a client’s condition, as needed.
  2. Assists in training of ADS Staff, new hire training and provide The Avenue Family Network, Inc., with best practice recommendations to ensure client safety.

      c. Will complete forms and reports as needed for grant compliance.

                           d. Create and generate internal processes to ensure organizational  




  1. Demonstrates skills in nursing practice conducive to Adult Day Services (observe client in the environment, listen to clients, and patience with the elderly and disabled).
  2. Demonstrates good organizational and communication skills and maintain confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  3. Ability to utilize infection control procedures.
  4. Must have the ability to lift 25 lbs.
  5. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and using the Internet.
  6. Ability to complete multiple duties and tasks correctly and on time without being prompted.
  7. Willing to learn program specific computer applications.
  8. Ability to work cooperatively with management and staff across all levels.
  9. Working knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease, related dementia's and disabilities.


Minimum Education and Experience:

  1. Possession of a current license to practice as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the State of Michigan. 
  2. Minimum of one (1) year of experience preferred.  


Special Conditions of Employment:

  1. Valid Driver’s License, a working motor vehicle, and proof of current vehicle insurance.
  2. Undergo a State background check with no recent felony convictions and no abuse/neglect convictions. 
  3. Undergo and successfully pass State and National Sexual Offender Background Checks and Central Registry Clearance check.
  4. Undergo and successfully pass Office of Inspector General, System for Award Management and driving record checks.
  5. Negative TB screening upon hire with follow-up TB tests as required by The Avenue policy.
  6. Must have the ability to work a flexible schedule 




On the job, the employee must:

( F ) Bend

( F ) Sit

( O ) Squat

( F ) Stand

( O) Crawl

( F ) Walk

( F ) Climb

( F ) Push/Pull

( O ) Kneel

( F ) Handle objects (manual dexterity)

( O ) Reach above 

shoulder level

( F ) Use fine finger movements

( ) Other _________________

Must carry/lift load of

( F ) Light (up to 25lbs)

( O ) Moderate (25-50lbs)

( O ) Heavy (over 50lbs) 


On the job, the employee must be able to:

( F ) Read/comprehend

( F ) Write

( F ) Perform calculations

( F ) Communicate orally

( F ) Reason and analyze

( ) Other


On the job, the employee:

( O ) Is exposed to excessive noise

( O ) Is around moving machinery

( O ) Is exposed to marked changes in temperature and/or humidity

( O ) Is exposed to dust, fumes, gases, radiation, microwave

( O ) Drives motorized equipment

( O ) Works in confined quarters

( ) Other:





Salary Description

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