Custom Picture Framer (Design/Assembly)

Posted: 05/26/2023

A Custom Picture Framer (Design/Assembly) works on the front lines and in the assembly department of  Waterfront House of Framing & Fashion. The role is primarily production-based assembly of all aspects of the  custom frame project after the frame has been built. Some customer-facing design work may be necessary to fully  embrace the project. 

The Design/Assembly Team works together to achieve the highest quality final product for every project.  Design/Assembly associates maintain the assembly production space to keep it clean and organized. This can  involve stocking inventory, creating systems and processes to support efficient workflow, and general cleaning  tasks. 

Custom Picture Framer (Design/Assembly) Role 

The role of a Custom Picture Framer requires exceptional attention to detail in a fast-paced environment. Custom  Framers are responsible for the quality of the final project going to a customer. Custom Picture Framers must be  comfortable working with a variety of tools and equipment necessary to complete each project. No two projects  are exactly alike so the Custom Picture Framers must be willing to see each project as a unique creation in need of a  high degree of meticulous attention to perfection. Custom Picture Framers move artwork through the full assembly  process utilizing a frame built by our talented frame builders to bring each piece to life with the required materials  needed to complete the project. You will cut matboard, glass, foamboard and other materials required to assemble  each project. Use of hand tools and light power tools is required. 

You will be trained to assist on the design center as needed to problem-solve for specialty projects if it is a fit.  Effective communication and social skills will be required for customer and team member interaction.  

Other tasks include operating a computerized mat cutting software and equipment (Wizard 9000), utilizing a wall mounted glass cutter, hand tools, hand-held power tools and various other items requiring dexterity, great  eyesight, and ability to stand for long periods of time.  

To succeed in this role, you will need to have a positive attitude and a consistent desire to provide an impeccable  quality of work. As a Custom Picture Framer at Waterfront, we expect you to ensure that every project is  approached and completed with the intent of perfection. We have cultivated a loyal customer following that  expects the highest quality available.

Custom Picture Framer (Design/Assembly) Responsibilities 

Learn about all our framing lines and accessories materials used in custom picture framing Develop a thorough understanding of each individual project to create a quality framed product Identify project needs and communicate with team leaders for full understanding of expectations Listen to management feedback and implement improvements to continue to grow skills Manage multiple projects in the course of a week 

Read and comprehend project work orders to complete each project 

Restock materials and inventory 

Organize, clean and manage work area for efficiency 

Train with custom framing designers to understand all aspects of custom framing Create new custom frame designs with client when applicable and fully trained Assist to maintain frame moulding inventory within stock area 

Assist management as needed 

Other duties as assigned 

Custom Picture Framer (Design/Assembly) Requirements 

Proven experience in a similar role 

Basic understanding of the custom framing process 

Exceptional communication skills 

Positive attitude and outlook 

Professional appearance and demeanor 

Physical ability to remain standing for much of a full shift 

Flexibility to work various hours 

Solid math skills 

Ability to use a tape measure and hand tools 

Ability to lift boxes weighing up to 40 pounds 

Willingness to be trained to Waterfront Standards of Excellence in frame building Ability to follow directions and ask questions 

Desire to create the highest-quality end product possible 

10 to 20 hours per week as needed 

Position pay range: $14 - $18/hour 


For more information contact: 

Valerie Byrnes, Owner 

Waterfront House of Framing & Fashion 

290 State Street 

St. Joseph, MI 49085