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CrazeVR launches Virtual Tours for businesses, Real estate, elderly care facilities and construction.

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May 11, 2020
?St. Joseph, MI-  Today CrazeVR , a local virtual reality gaming and entertainment establishment, announced that they have expanded their services to include virtual tours.
Due to the recent events of the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting business shutdown, CrazeVR owners Mark and Stephanie Rutherford decided to diversify. Closed off from everything, our world has become a lot smaller, which has created a boom in online interactions and virtual meetings.
This revealed the opportunity for CrazeVR to offer online tours to our community. Right now, real estate agents all over Michigan are seeking options to expose their clients’ listings so that their industry can continue. Without the ability to offer in-person showings until May 7th, the many businesses surrounding the real estate market have come to a complete standstill.
This is where CrazeVR Virtual Tours would like get involved. With no-contact options available, and in less than two hours, the entire property can be professionally photographed from every angle with their 360° technology. Within 24 hours your listing can be ready for safe, online showings from the comfort of one’s own home. Instead of having 25-30 people walk through a particular listing, you now just have one, limiting not only exposure but also the disruptions to the life of the current occupant. The best part? Now showings can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no further interruptions to the seller.  This service is simple to set up, cost effective, and user-friendly for both the seller and viewers. Though just being launched, it has already proven to be extremely popular among local real estate agents as bookings have already begun. The various opportunities do not end with real estate. Businesses can be toured and promoted through this service as well, allowing customers to safely view available inventory. This option allows your customers to feel as if they are there in person, able to choose from your selections and clearly identify their desired purchases, reducing potential confusion while supporting local businesses.
Whether you are an agent looking for a solution, a small-business owner seeking to reach your customers, or an individual selling your own home, anyone can utilize the services of CrazeVR Virtual Tours.
“I am excited to bring our state-of-the art technology to help support our local business in a different way, providing them new opportunities for exposure and sales.” ~ Mark Rutherford, CrazeVR Owner
Begin your showings by booking your Virtual Tour today.
For special pricing information, contact Mark Rutherford at (269) 588-1117.
Media Contact:
Mark Rutherford
About CrazeVR- CrazeVR was established in May 2019 in St. Joseph, MI, and offers over 100 virtual games and experiences such as the chance to travel anywhere in the world. You can come alone or bring a group - they have options for the entire family. VR gift certificates, group packages, hourly rates, and online scheduling are available online at 
Mark Rutherford, Owner
(269) 588-1117