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MI Resolve Kiosks in Berrien County

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February 04, 2021
Citizens Mediation Service has been working hard throughout the COVID pandemic to ensure that everyone continues to have access to justice and equality.  Through the creation of MI Resolve kiosks, that work is coming to fruition. 

MI Resolve is an on-line service from the Michigan Supreme Court’s State Court Administrative Office that provides a FREE, quick and easy way of resolving disputes that are typically filed as small claims, general civil, and landlord-tenant cases in the district court.  If the court case is resolved online, parties may not have to return to court for a hearing or trial.  Neighborhood disputes may also be filed on the MI Resolve system.  Mediation is a process in which a trained neutral person (a mediator) helps parties identify a solution to a dispute that best works for them 24/7. 

Through a generous grant from the Upton Foundation, and a partnership with the Ferry Street Resource Center and the Benton Harbor Public Library, MI Resolve kiosks will be available for Berrien County residents to access the service even if they do not have personal access to the internet or the computer/phone connection required for participation.  Dedicated MI Resolve Kiosks will be available to the public for use this Spring.  The Ferry Street Resource Center kiosk is already up and running with the Benton Harbor kiosk scheduled for public use at the beginning of April. 

“This is a truly exciting avenue for ensuring all people have access to resolve disputes in a peaceful and appropriate manner,” stated Jenny Miner, CMS executive director.  “So often folks with limited resources are left behind or find interaction with the courts overwhelming and confusing in addition to expensive, not to mention the need for transportation to get to and from court appearances.”  MI resolve provides an option to have your voice and concerns heard without the barriers that keep everyone from full participation.  “MI Resolve allows participants to feel a part of the solution, a necessary part of resolving conflict,” Miner explains. 

Kiosks are just the beginning of finding alternative means of ensuring full participation in conflict resolution and the court system itself.  But these kiosks will go a long way for those who need services but cannot always get to where they need to be. 

Citizens Mediation Service is a non-profit organization providing mediation services to six counties throughout southwest Michigan.